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Zoötrope – Oddly Comforting and Fun Storybook



I’m not usually the one around here who talks children’s lit, that falls on the ever capable shoulders of Rosemary , but while looking over the ComiXology Submit Releases from last week this book caught my eye…

With decidedly surreal and moody artwork, and a somehow both soothing and frenetic pace, Zoötrope tells the story of a theater company on the night of a big performance. The troupe is populated by talking animals and the performance is anything but smooth sailing.

Zoötrope02 Zoötrope03

It’s the kind of story that you don’t read as much as follow along, the slightly disjointed mêlée of backstage conversation and preparation that keeps your eye moving about the page. It’s both highly entertaining and engaging.

Zoötrope04 Zoötrope05

As the troupe rehearses, gets into costume, argues, pines, panics, we trail behind picking up scraps of this and that. A love story? A missing card? A reluctant actor? The many threads weave a charming tale. Does the show go well in the end? I guess you’ll have to read it and see!

4 out of 5 Unicycle Riding Octopi (Octopus’, umm whatever!)

Written by Andrea Tsurumi
Art by Andrea Tsurumi
Genres: Anthropomorphic, Music
Pages: 39
Digital Release Date: February 5 2014
Age Rating: 9+ Only

ComiXology Link:  Zoötrope

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