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ZOË: Out Of Time – Visually Striking Art & Tight Writing!


I love time travel stories. I also love stories with girls who stand out instead of fitting in and consider music to be one of the most important things in life. Zoe Black is one of those girls. Thanks to a device left carelessly at hand, she is also a time traveler.


We open in the 90s with a guy running out of a music studio. He steals a car and ends up dying in a horrific accident. The only item the police find are the masters to an album by a group called The Rebel Lions.

Flash forward to 2050, a young girl is stealing a piece of memorabilia from a store. An old article about the death of the lead singer of The Rebel Lions. Unfortunately the police discover her. She runs but is caught and arrested. Meanwhile her physicist father is giving a presentation on his new time travel device. He is interrupted by the police calling him about his daughter’s predicament.


Zoe is fun, complicated and real. She has serious daddy issues because she feels neglected by him. He is a workaholic and she feels his family never comes first. This is even more painful to her as her mother is dead. She hides in her music, as many teenagers do, and her love for this band from 60 years ago is bordering on obsession. You can probably figure out why leaving a time travel device around this young lady is just asking for trouble.

The art in the book is fantastic. I love the colors and the detail. It’s visually striking. The writing is tight and gets the tone just right. I enjoyed every page.

I suspect Zoe is in over her head by the end but I am quite sure she’s going to have quite the adventure figuring out a way to get home. I can’t wait to take it with her.

A definite must read.

Written by: J. Michalski, Alexander Lagos
Edited by: Zack Rosenberg
Art by: Derlis Santacruz, Oren Kramek

Kindle edition (from Amazon) ZOË: Out Of Time

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