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Zindan Gives Us Great Historical Tales of the Ansaars!


Zindan Gives Us Great Historical Tales of the Ansaars!I am so excited to write this review. I met the Zindan group at both NY Special Edition and Boston Comic Con earlier this year, and was drawn in by everyone’s passion for their creation, as well as the gorgeous art by Sajad Shah that I got a peek at. I was also really interested in the concept – tales coming from the Mughal Empire of India in the late 17th century.

With a brief introduction to the Mughal Empire’s origins, the story then launches into high gear. Two orphaned brothers, Timur and Zain, are taken in an ancient secret order, the Ansaars. They eventually find themselves on a hero’s journey, facing travel across empires to fight evil.

This opening story initially left me a little unclear – my knowledge of India’s history is woefully lacking – so I tried to connect Timur and Zain are to the historical Zindan01-02figures named in the introduction. On a second reading, though, I better understood that the intro is just to place us readers – most of us may not have solid knowledge of India’s history – and Timur and Zain are two orphaned brothers, casualties of the events laid out.

The storytelling is solid, and serves to shed some light on 17th century India in addition to giving us a great historical story.

The art is just amazing. It’s gorgeous, with rich colors and incredible panels and splash pages. I love a good combat scene, and Sajad Shah does not disappoint, with flaming arrows, war elephants (WAR ELEPHANTS!), and incredible movement between the combatants.

I’ve been waiting since June to see this comic come to life, and I’m looking forward to seeing more from Zindan. You can pre-order the zero issue from the Zindan website right now or get it digitally from comiXology!

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