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Zenescope’s Robyn Hood: Legend Completes the Robyn Hood Trilogy


It all began when Robyn Locksley was taken from her Earth home to Myst, a magical realm where she befriended Will Scarlet and his Merry Men, helped the citizens revolt against their king, and finally, get back home. But that whole “happily ever after” thing didn’t really work out for Robyn.

Robyn Hood: Legend collects Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Robyn Hood: Legend. Here, we learn that Robyn is exiled from the Myst and back on Earth; Will Scarlet has been killed by Guy of Gisbourne, and The Sheriff of Nottingham is back, ready to claim Nottingham for himself and his orc army. He’s telling everyone that Robyn abandoned them; that she’s a devil child.

Meanwhile, Robyn finds her way back to the Myst – and there are surprises waiting for her. She finds herself allying with former enemies to overthrow Nottingham for good and to save the people of Nottingham once more.

Zenescope's Robyn Hood: Legend Completes the Robyn Hood Trilogy

I’m still fairly new to Zenescope titles, but I do like how they take the conventional fairy tales and stories we grew up with and give them a modern spin. Pat Shand spins a layered tale here, giving us a female Robyn Hood with an entirely new backstory. Larry Watts gives us solid fantasy art, with beautiful and strong female characters and solidly built male characters.

Robyn Hood: Legend hit stores yesterday, so make sure to look for it when you pick up your weekly comics! Here’s a preview of Legend:

RH_Legend_01_page2 RH_Legend_01_page3 RH_Legend_01_page4

RH_Legend_02_page RH_Legend_02_page2 RH_Legend_02_page3RH_Legend_02_page4

Writer: Pat Shand
Artist: Larry Watts
Publisher: Zenescope
Price: $15.99
On-Sale: September 30, 2014
ISBN: 9781939683885

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