Zenescope's Robyn Hood Gets A Proper Goodbye

Zenescope’s Robyn Hood Gets A Proper Goodbye


It was only weeks ago that I wrote the final issue of Zenescope Entertainment’s long-running series, Robyn Hood.  While it was farewell, it wasn’t goodbye yet.  Zenescope is set to release Pat Shand’s Robyn Hood 2016 Annual in May which will wrap up the character’s four-year run.  This will also mark the return of original Robyn artist Larry Watts who will team up with colorist Slamet Mujiono.  It will end on a happy occasion though as Marian and Sam get married!  This will be the second Grimm marriage and the first same-sex marriage in Zenecope’s history.  Writer Pat Shand said readers can expect “an issue filled with dramatic reveals, zombies and pastry mishaps…This stand-alone, double-sized issue is a four-years-in-the-making conclusion to one of Zenescope’s most popular ongoing series that you won’t want to miss!”

Robyn Hood


I will miss Robyn Hood.  She, along with Marian, Sam and the others, were great characters.  They had great qualities about them and were exciting to read about.  Pat Shand is an excellent writer and gave the readers everything they could want in a comic book.  I know he will give us a great finale.  The superb artwork and colors were a given and to see Larry Watts back for the final issue with Slamet Mujiono, I know it will be something special.  I am definitely going to R.S.V.P. for this wedding and you should too!  Here’s to Robyn Hood, Zenescope and a wedding!

Robyn Hood Robyn Hood Robyn Hood

Order your copy of the Robyn Hood 2016 Annual now from your local comic shop using the following Diamond Order codes: FEB161984, FEB161985, FEB161986, or FEB161987.

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