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Zenescope Wants You! To read Grimm Tales of Terror…


For those of you who’ve never heard of them, Zenescope is a ten year old comic book publisher specializing in fantasy and horror titles. Using the well-known world of Grimm’s Fairy tales for inspiration they’ve created more than a few memorable titles. Though often bashed for scantily clad female cover art in July of 2015 Zenescope sold approximately 32,361 comics (according to figures found at comichron.com) which would indicate the market for their cover style definitely exists. We’ve several of their series (Zenescope’s Robyn Hood: Legend Completes the Robyn Hood Trilogy,
Zenescope’s Helsing #1, A Good Read! On Sale April 23rd!) and can tell you their stories are very well written and beautifully illustrated.

In an attempt to get the books under the eyes of new readers (as well as a reward to the fans) Zenescope is giving Grimm Tales of Horror #4 away for free! Click the link FREE Comic! or the pic below and get your DRM free pdf. Keep reading after the image for our review!


Zenescope Wants You! To read Grimm Tales of Terror...

Originally published in 2014, Grimm Tales of Terror is a series of stand alone stories in the spirit of the Tale from the Crypt. Issue 4 takes on a plague story.

99% of the population been decimated by “The Red”, only a few of the rich and powerful have stayed its advance. But at what cost? And will fate, or justice, or something else entirely intervene?

This is graphic horror, like any plague story should be, but it’s done well. “The Red” is a mysterious and horrifying disease and fulfills its role as the bogeyman of the piece quite well. The “everyman” who loses it all (or does he?) but manages to bring justice with him is a likable sympathetic type and it was easy to empathize with his situation. The story moved along quickly and had a good number of surprises. This was one of those issues that balanced gore and story well, sacrificing neither.

Grimm Tales of Terror #4 get’s a 4 out of 5!

Read it for free here: FREE Comic! Then head over to comiXology and check out the rest of the series.

And while you’re at it sign up for the Zenescope newsletter http://eepurl.com/qI_Sb and get the scoop on all their titles and sales…

Grimm Tales of Terror #4
Written by Shane McKenzie
Art by Antonio Bifulco
Genres: Horror, Supernatural/Occult
Page Count: 25 Pages
Digital Release Date: October 8 2014
Age Rating: 17+ Only
Publisher: Zenescope

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