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Zenescope Pre-Orders and Holiday Sale! $1 Back Issues!


Happy Holidays From Zenescope Entertainment!

Message from Zenescope:

“We’ve decided to do another sale and this one is a good one. Just about all our back-issues are currently only $1.00, we’ve put our Wonderland board game on sale and we’ve even made the Alice action figure available as well. The new web store launch has been a huge improvement over the old site and we are happy to now be able to have more sales, more items, and even service more customers. ”

Take a look at the new shop: http://zenescope.pinnaclecart.com

The Holiday themed art is in abundance in the New Releases/Holiday Items section of the store. Grimm Fairy Tales holiday edition covers by  Jamie Tyndall, Ale Garza, Anthony Spay, and Ebas. Gorgeous stuff as usual.

As for upcoming books from Zenescope, check out these titles:

DEC121314Madness of Wonderland #1
The mind-bending follow up to Call of Wonderland is here!
Following the events of Call of Wonderland, Detective Legrasse is still trying to make sense out of what happened to the two murder suspects who disappeared, seemingly in thin air, from a locked basement.  But when she’s called in on a disturbing and brutal murder case, she realizes that there is a connection to be made somewhere. Meanwhile, the back-story that follows HP Lovecraft Lovecraft’s journal continues as Lovecraft’s disturbing dreams are becoming more and more real to him.

Writer: Wickline, Dan
Artist: Webb, Jim
Cover Artist: Krome, Mike
UPC: 79450431423600121
On Sale: February 13, 2013
Publisher: Zenescope
Diamond Id: DEC121314


GFT Jungle Book: Last of the Species #1
Mowglii has recovered from her wounds after defeating the ferocious Shere Khan, but a quiet day by the river turns into a battle for survival as the unpredictable Dewan of the Apes returns and the Payari Elephants face an attack from Bomani and the remains of the Tigers of the Shere.  Mowglii soon learns that on Kipling Isle, there is no down time!

Writer: Miller, Mark L.
Artist: Baghera, Riccardo
Cover Artist: Garza, Al
Price: $3.99
UPC: 79450431413700111
On Sale: February 13, 2013
Publisher: Zenescope
Diamond Id: DEC121309

Robyn-Hood-1-CoverRobyn Hood trade
The Grimm Fairy Tales spinoff series that reinvents the classic tale of action, fantasy and adventure has arrived in trade paperback format! In the land of Myst, a tryant rules the city of Bree with an iron fist, leaving its citizens living in fear and terror. But all hope is not lost as a young, tough orphan girl from another world discovers her destiny and becomes the legend she was meant to be. The creators of Grimm Fairy Tales, Wonderland, and Neverland bring you the next great hero of the Grimm Universe!

Writer: Shand, Patrick
Artist: TBD,
Cover Artist: Basaldua, Eric
Price: $15.99
ISBN: 978193706879051599
On Sale: February 06, 2013
Publisher: Zenescope
Diamond Id: DEC121326

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