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Comic and Tote Bag Giveaway! YOUNGBLOOD Volume 1!


As was mentioned in our recent Comic Bento review, we received 4 graphic novels, including YOUNGBLOOD Volume 1, in our attempt to vet and review the Comic Bento service. We loved both the merchandise and the attention to detail the folks at Comic Bento offer.

But what to do with those books? Review sites often receive complimentary copies of books and toys and, since review sites don’t make that much in the way of income, we usually keep these for ourselves. Since speaking with and reviewing Comic Bento it brought the idea forward that maybe we should give some of this stuff away a bit more often.

So here it is, our first Comic Bento inspired give-away!

A brand new copy of Youngblood: Volume 1 Focus Tested trade paperback and a What’cha Reading Tote Bag to carry your New Comic Book Day haul in!

YOUNGBLOOD Volume 1! Comic and Tote Bag Giveaway! WhatchareadingTote02

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From our review:

Youngblood Volume 1 Focus Tested – from Image Comics ($9.99)

The 2008 relaunch of the classic YOUNGBLOOD from 1990 Image Comics. Written by Joe Casey with art from Derec Donovan, and a forward from Robert Kirkman. At first glance this looks a damn site better than the YOUNBLOOD I remember from my youth, and with Joe Casey (Man of Action Studios) having written it the story should rock. This is a first printing of the graphic novel so finding it in your local shop might prove difficult. My quick search found one or two for sale, all marked used, on ebay.

This is only the first of many give-aways we’ll be hosting here at What’cha Reading, so stay tuned for more cool stuff!

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