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Yes! Twin Peaks Is Returning! On Showtime!


Turns out the hints I mentioned over the weekend about Twin Peaks were 100% true. Showtime has announced that new Twin Peaks miniseries will begin airing in 2016. For now casting is all in the rumor stage but at the head of the rumor list is Kyle MacLachlin returning.

Yes! Twin Peaks Is Returning! On Showtime!

For now we know it will be set in the present day, placing it twenty five years after the last episode of the original series. David Lynch and Mark Frost are co-writing it, with Lynch set to direct. Otherwise everything is still very much in the planning stages. Nonetheless even with nothing set the news is sure to bring excitement to all Twin Peaks fans.

If you’ve never seen the original series you have plenty of time to catch up. The series is streaming on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and is available on DVD.

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