So Yea This Happened... Civil War 2015 ~ What'cha Reading?

So Yea This Happened… Civil War 2015


We found this in our inbox this morning…


And just like a bunch of other sites we’re shaking our heads wondering what’s going on…

What do you think, any guesses?

Edit 11:18 pm Oct 13th:

And just like that courtesy of some friends on Facebook (Thanks Brian Walter for the post and Jack Walter and Tony D’atino for the commentary below it) I get the article that explains it to me…

Excerpted from the Variety exclusive:

“Robert Downey Jr. is on the verge of signing on to “Captain America 3,” with Tony Stark’s Iron Man set to play a key role in bringing the Civil War storyline from Marvel’s comicbooks to the big screen and trigger the start of a new phase of movies from Marvel Studios.” (here’s a link to the piece

The rest of you may have already heard this but it was news to me!

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  1. There have been rumors about Marvel and Sony coming to an agreement that would allow Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Considering how integral Webhead is to the Civil War storyline, (and Sony pushing back Amazing Spiderman 3) perhaps there are more than just rumors!

    • I updated the post to reflect the Variety piece where Robert Downey Junior talks about Civil War. If they do this I really hope they at least mention the other heroes effected. The idea that they could include or crossover everyone is just too absurd. The legal issues between Spiderman, X-Men, Avengers, and FF movie franchises would be insane. Do the same studios handle half of those?

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