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World’s Greatest Search & Discover Poster Really Is “World’s Greatest!”


New York Comic Con 2011, no 2012. Damn, too many conventions not enough note taking. Annnnyway. I was at NYCC a couple of years ago (see what I did there?) and my daughter and I came a cross the “World’s Greatest” booth. 95% of the booth was this long raised table that had a poster laminated to it. That poster was the most amazing search and find I’d ever seen. We tried to stay and marvel over the intricacies of this behemoth of a poster (it’s a timeline of earth’s history) but this was at comic con, good luck taking your time without being crushed.

I bought the poster. Honestly, I had to.

ThePoster Measuring a whopping 36inches by 72 inches it takes up an impressive amount of space on the playroom wall, and it boasts over 400 items to discover! Illustrator Matt Maley has created a beautiful depiction of the history of our planet, from the Cambrian age to the Space Age, My kids (and I) love it!

We were enjoying it so much lately that I decided to reach out to the creators and see what was new and exciting. Glad I did!

800 WGSDIf you drop by the site ( you can not only buy the poster, they also have an assortment of dry erase markers, magnifiers, a curriculum guide, and a comic book. Wait what? A comic? Needless to say I checked out the comic.

Halley and the Far Fetchers is a 28 page large format comic that follows the inaugural adventure of Halley Ryder, a cute time traveling character who appears in many places (times) on the IMG900(1)poster. She’s pulled into a¬† time travel adventure by her missing teacher, Prof Fibonacci, who sends his time-travel surfboard and sentient-ish computer G.L.O.B.E. to bring her to his aid…

The issue is a little short on story (for the price-point) but the extras are fun. Having context for the character of Halley makes spotting her on the poster even more fun and the issue also has riddles hidden in many of the panels. The riddles consist of questions whose answers are decoded by using the images that run along¬†longitude and latitude lines of the poster, so you’re decoding historical riddles and learning to map coordinates? Face it people this map and book are a geek dream come true.

We don’t usually rate toys but this one gets a 4 out of 5, the original design, historical content, and problem solving aspects make it a must have for every playroom…

I recommend picking up the poster and comic, your little historians will thank you.

Here are some close-ups of the poster:

Under Our Feet Modern Sprawal

Bridge To The Future Elements

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