Worlds' Finest #32 Review - The Secret History of Superman & Batman comes to a close ~ What'cha Reading?

Worlds’ Finest #32 Review – The Secret History of Superman & Batman comes to a close

Worlds' Finest #32 Review - The Secret History of Superman & Batman comes to a close

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There’s something undeniable about good art.  It has the power to draw you in and engage in a way that only art can.  Such is the case with Superman Batman Worlds’ Finest issue 32.  It’s a series I haven’t been reading and on a few occasions I’ve thought about picking it up, but never have.  Worlds’ Finest (The New 52) has been primarily Huntress and Power Girl, but for the past few issues have shifted to Superman and Batman.  You’d think I’d be reading since it features my favorite super hero, but since I missed a few issues and was told that it wasn’t of particular importance to the general story, I never read it.  That all changed this Wednesday when I saw the eye-catching cover by Yldiray Cinar!  With his usage of black and white, and only a splash of the color red, I wasn’t sure if I was looking at a Frank Miller cover.  Cinar’s art and color choice simply pops and absolutely sells Worlds’ Finest!  Hey, it got me to fork over my $2.99.

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Worlds’ Finest featuring Superman and Batman features the Earth-2 versions of our heroes as they prepare for their final battle against Apokolips.  From what the reader can infer from jumping on at issue #32, the world is under attack and Batman and Wonder Woman are prepping themselves against hordes of villainy that they don’t quite understand.  Batman believes Darkseid’s minions to be of Kryptonian descent as the only other beings as powerful that he’s come up against have proclaimed themselves as gods.  The book opens in a way that brings to mind the scenes in Iron Man where Tony Stark and Yinsen are building the Mark 1.  Instead of Tony and Yinsen, we have Batman and Wonder Woman forging a weapon against the hordes of Apokolips – a sword made of pure kryptonite, forged with the grace of the god Vulcan.  Writer Paul Levitz really plays up the mythological quality of the characters and Worlds’ Finest feels like a Greek tale being recounted many years later.  It also helps that artist Jed Dougherty sculpts Batman and Wonder Woman as heroes with the physiques we only recognize on bodybuilders!  The heroes seem god-like and if it wasn’t for how imposing the threat of Apokolips is, we probably wouldn’t be too concerned for the Worlds’ Finest.

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The sixth part and conclusion to “The Secret History of Superman & Batman” is exciting enough to get me to head to my local comic shop and pick up the previous five issues.  I really enjoyed the story and felt that Levitz and Dougherty have presented the Earth-2 Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in a way that has opened a window to an exciting alternative universe set within DC’s multiverse framework.  As “Convergence” nears, I’m positive that this won’t be the last time we see these heroes.  I’m positive it won’t be as that’s the beauty of mythological characters and stories – they’re everlasting!

Worlds’ Finest issue 32 gets four out of five stars.


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