Wonderland #46 Is The Cheshire Cat's Meow!

Wonderland #46 Is The Cheshire Cat’s Meow!


Wonderland #46 Is The Cheshire Cat's Meow!The Cheshire Cat is known to Alice in Wonderland lovers as a soft-spoken cat who comes and goes at will, but always has a permanent smile.  Zenescope Entertainment puts its own spin on the whimsical world’s beloved resident feline who is everything the original is not.  This Cheshire Cat is fiercer, more loyal and won’t back down from a fight.  In this issue of Wonderland, Cheshire accompanies Calie and Violet Liddle through a part of town that is taken over by stray cats who are loyal to the Ace of Spades, the newest evil ruler of Wonderland.  Who is leading these cats?  A humanoid cat, of course!  It is up to Cheshire to save the Liddles and get one step closer to freeing Wonderland and saving the world.

This story was certainly different than usual even for Zenescope.  Erica J. Heflin did a great job with the story.  It was good seeing Cheshire take the lead in this issue.  We even got a little of his backstory which is something we rarely have gotten a glimpse of in any rendition.  The feral cats even reject him because he is with Calie and Violet.  The artwork by Dimat is great, especially the way Cheshire is drawn.  He’s streamlined with stripes and a mohawk.  He looks more like a house cat than his cartoon predecessor who was large and furry.  Leonardo Paciarotti’s colors bring the issue to life and make it that much more enjoyable.  Manuel Preitano turns in an excellent cover for this issue.

Wonderland is one of my favorite Zenescope titles because it takes how weird that world already was and makes it much darker and more sinister.  It is appealing to general Wonderland fans and those who look at the cover and want to see what the issue is all about.  Zenescope is manned by a talented team of individuals who know their stuff.  I always look forward to reading and reviewing their work.

Wonderland #46
Written by Erica J. Heflin
Artwork by Dimat
Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti
Cover by Manual Preitano

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