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Wonderland #45 – This Story Stands Alone!


Wonderland #45 - This Story Stands Alone!Things are getting hare-y down in the Crescent City as Zenescope takes us back into the dark, twisted world of Wonderland.  The issue starts with armed thugs jumping and abducting random people on the streets of New Orleans.  It turns out The March Hare has come to the Crescent City to round up its citizens, turning them into muscular killing machines as part of his blood sport.  Calie Liddle and her daughter Violet and their cat Cheshire are in New Orleans looking for a place to live.  While at a cafe, they notice a man with bruises on his face being given a hard time by the waiter.  Cheshire says the man’s friend was one of the citizens who was abducted.  They look for clues and track them down to the “arena” where the fights are being held.  It is up to Calie, Violet and Cheshire to stop the Hare’s madness and get one step closer to saving what is left of Wonderland.

The Wonderland series is quickly becoming a favorite of mine because it is so entertaining and the newest issue always outdoes the previous issue in terms of how creative and crazy the story can get.  Erica J. Heflin wrote a great story which reminded me of Fight Club crossed with one of the Saw movies.  These ordinary citizens are abducted, injected with a substance to make them muscular and mentally unstable and forced to kill each other in the most horrific ways for sport and money.  The best part of this issue is the artwork.  Ferran Sellares’s art and Leonardo Paciarotti’s colors contributed to such a graphic and unsettling version of the March Hare and captured the deadly effects his substance had on his victims.

Zenescope does incredible work time and time again with their various titles.  They are fun to read and the artwork is amazing.  It’s so hard to pick a favorite title because they all have something to like about them.  I look forward to the next issues of all of their titles and often wonder if they will add any new titles.  They are an exciting company and if you haven’t read any of their titles, I highly recommend you do.

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Wonderland #45
Written by Erica J. Heflin
Artwork by Ferran Sellares
Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti
25 pgs

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