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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – For Geeks!


So a few weeks ago when I started thinking about decorating for the holidays, it occurred to me just how many geek ornaments I had. And I realized I probably wasn’t alone in that, so I put out a “show me your geek holiday decorations” call on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and people responded. Boy, did they ever. Here’s the roundup as of today (yes, we’re still soliciting pictures of your geek holidays and I will gladly do a second post if you’ve got more pictures to knock me out with). Happy Geek-mas-kwanza-yul-akkah!

Let’s start off with mine, because mine were the starting inspiration of this madness:

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - For Geeks! dalek VanGoghTardis KITT Indy IMG_5842

Yeah, that’s a TARDIS, a Dalek, the Van Gogh portait of the TARDIS exploding, KITT from Knight Rider (he talks!), Indy, and Ben Franklin. Not shown is the Downton Abbey bell I got two days ago.


Editor Monkey Chuck also had some Harrison Ford representing on his tree–his sole geek ornament, which is kind of sad but we won’t hold it against him because it is Han Solo:



Speaking of Star Wars, my college friend Kelly contributed thisĀ  awesome R2D2 in antlers and Godzilla via Facebook (Godzilla apparently makes noise and is the current delight of her toddler):

R2D2Kelly GodzillaKelly2


Grad school pal Buffy brought the Whovian love even without a tree (also via Facebook):



What’cha Reading’s Steven shared a favorite Superman ornament as well as his other geek ornaments, which get pride of place on a metal tree:

SupesSteven StevenTree


What’cha Reading’s Rosemary has a whole tree full of geeky ornaments. For you keeping track at home, that’s most of Hogwarts, a family of Fetts, a Tron lightcycle, Borg and Romulan ships, Han shooting first and Fozzie, Ralphie from A Christmas Story not saying fuuudge, Spidey, and Darth Vader.

HarryPotterRoe JangoFettRoe BobaFettRoe TronLightcycleRoe BorgRomulansRoe HanFozzieRoe FuuudgeRoe CapRoe SpideyRoe DarthRoe


The What’cha Reading crew obviously have their love of geeky holidays in common, since Nancy shared these ornaments before she even had a tree in her house. (Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, The Flash, superhero lunchboxes, the Enterprise NCC-1701-D, the Enterprise 1701’s shuttlecraft Galileo, a whole mess of Pokemon that I’m pretty sure belong to Avery, and Harry Potter.)

HarleyQuinnNan WWNanTheFlashNan LunchboxesNan EnterpriseNan GalileoNan PokemonNan HarryPotterNan


Toe Tag Riot’s Matt Miner shared some geek holiday decorations of his own (Batgirl and Spidey, the Green Lantern, Venom, AntiVenom, and Spidey, Darth Vader, Hulk, and Robin). Apparently he has more, but he didn’t want to flood his feeds. I told him I would have been okay with that, but we have to be content with this for now.

SpideyBabsMatt GreenLanternMatt SpideyVenomAntiVenom SantaVaderMatt HulkMatt RobinMatt


And knitting friend GleeNorto shared Serenity, a pirate ship, and Spidey with us via Instagram:

SerenityGlee PirateGlee SpideyGlee

And then Glee won the internets with a Wreath of Khan. The sheer brilliance of it blows me away. Khaaaaaan!!!!


So there’s What’cha Reading’s first Geek Holiday roundup. Do you have decorations you want to share with us? Share them with me via Twitter (julz91) or Instagram (eviljulz). If I get more than five, I’ll do a follow-up post!

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