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Wonder Woman Going Into Production



In two months, the Warner Bros and DC Comics film Wonder Woman is set to begin production.  It’s an exciting time for fans of DC Comics and Wonder Woman as the film is scheduled to release on June 23, 2017.


Deborah Snyder, the producer of Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice spoke at the Geena Davis Institute last week.  She went on to reveal a little about the upcoming Wonder Woman film, particularly when it plans to shoot and the hiring of Patty Jenkins as the director.

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The journey to bring the iconic Diana Prince Wonder Woman story to the big screen has been a long and arduous road.  With several failed attempts at a live action film and television series, it’s great to know that the super hero and icon is finally coming to the big screen.  Wonder Woman is also in a very interesting place as she’s set to make her debut in the March 2016 film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  She’s already breaking down the traditional norms of having a solo film first and then an outing in a team-up film.  Wonder Woman will also be the first female super hero to headline her own solo movie.  As of right now, Marvel Studios is only in the planning stages of a Carol Danvers Captain Marvel film.  It’s only right that with Wonder Woman’s soon to be 75+ years of history that she is the first female to receive a solo film!


Stay tuned for more information.  With filming set to begin this November, it would seem likely that heavy casting announcements will soon be underway.  As of right now, Chris Pine is the only other actor announced besides Gal Gadot.  Chris Pine will be playing the DC Comics character, Steve Trevor.


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