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Wonder Woman Cast Announced!




By Joe Grodensky

Since Wonder Woman was cast and announced for Batman v Superman, many fans have long speculated on her solo film.   First, it was announced that Patty Jenkins, known for Monster, would direct the film and Gal Gadot of Fast & Furious fame would play the Amazonian Princess. Sometime after, it was confirmed that Chris Pine, who played Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movies, will play Steve Trevor. There have been a few photos loosely regarding 2017’s Wonder Woman, showing Gadot hitting the gym in preparation for her role and a set photo of Pine and co-star Saïd Taghmaoui  (American Hustle) in World War II-era clothing but nothing revealing in terms of cast and crew. Eager fans, the wait is finally over.

Warner Bros. made an official press release saying that principal photography has begun on the movie on location in the UK, France and Italy. Charles Rovan will join Zack and Deborah Snyder to produce the film, maintaining Snyder’s relationship with DC Comics on film. Richard Suckle, Stephen Jones, Wesley Coller, Geoff Johns and Rebecca Roven will be executive producers. Seeing the name Zack Snyder attached gives me great hope and excitement for this movie. He’s done great work on Man of Steel and judging from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers, he will not disappoint us with that film either.

As far as the rest of the cast, the roles are unnamed but there are several prolific names attached.  As expected from a Warner Bros/DC Comics venture.  

  • Robin Wright was the first name mentioned after Gadot, Pine and Taghmaoui. You may remember Wright as Erika Berger from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Claire Underwood from House of Cards and even Jenny Curran from Forrest Gump.  
  • Danny Huston, a comic book movie veteran from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Clash of the Titans and 30 Days of Night, will be joining the cast as well.  
  • If there are any Harry Potter fans who like Wonder Woman, they will be happy to know that Remus Lupin himself, David Thewlis, has been named to the cast.  
  • Ewen Bremner of Exodus: Gods and Kings,
  • Elena Anaya of The Skin I Live In and
  • Lucy Davis from Shaun of the Dead, round out the cast.

The more I hear and see from Wonder Woman, the more excited I am for it. The cast and crew are a stellar group of people whose past works speak volumes. Gal Gadot makes the perfect Wonder Woman in every way.  Chris Pine will be excellent as Captain Trevor and his work in the Star Trek movies as Captain Kirk was great. I trust that Patty Jenkins and the Snyders will handle this movie well.

We should take note that other than Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, we do not know any of the characters that the terrific cast will be playing.  Sean Bean, Eva Green, and Nicole Kidman were rumored for roles within Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman film and I’d think that all three have been replaced by Danny Huston, Elena Anaya, and Robin Wright, respectively.  If I had to guess, I’d place Danny Huston in the role of Ares (rumored to be one of the main villains, rumored to be played as Sean Bean.  I’d also peg Robin Wright in the role of Queen Hippolyta, along with Elena Anaya in the role of Circe.  – Steven

Stay tuned for more information and let us know on what your thoughts are on the cast of Wonder Woman!

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