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Witness The Rise of the Villains! – Gotham Season 2 Trailer.



FOX has managed to continually provide stylish promotional materials for their series Gotham.  They had appealing trailers and posters for season one so it is no surprise that season two, premiering next week, has some of the best to date.  Check out the “Rise of the Villains” trailer, just released by FOX, below!


Spooky?  Creepy?  We think so!  Gotham season two has made no secret that their sophomore year will focus more on the villainy that will eventually give need to the young Bruce Wayne to become The Batman.  Until then, villains such as The Penguin (Robin-Lord Taylor) and Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) will be joined by newcomers such as James Frain’s Theo Galavan and Jessica Lucas’ Tabitha Galavan.

FOX has also released the synopsis for the season two premiere episode, “Damned if you Do” –

Penguin is King of Gotham and after a shakeup at the GCPD, Detective James Gordon’s moral compass wavers, as he seeks help from Penguin. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne continues to explore the secrets from his father’s office, while GOTHAM newcomers Theo Galavan (James Frain) and his sister, Tabitha (Jessica Lucas), make friends with some unlikely allies, a group of dangerous inmates from Arkham.

Be sure to also check out the two clips released earlier today here.

Fans don’t have much longer to wait as Gotham returns to FOX on Monday, September 21 at 8 pm ET.  Check your local listings.

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