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With The Earth Above Us – A new indie comic!


In our never ending quest to bring you the best in small press and independent comics allow me to present…

The Melvin V is the first fully-functioning interplanetary vessel of its kind, adrift for almost twenty years in deep space. With 100 passengers on board and all but a few in cryo-sleep, the maintenance of The Melvin V falls to Sheridan and a few others. When an accident causes the loss of an entire wing of the space station Sheridan must clear himself of blame before the rest of the crew wakes and convicts him out of hand. One problem, the ship’s artificial intelligence, S.A.M., has made it pretty clear that Sheridan is guilty. Is he? Does S.A.M. have an agenda?

I was lucky enough to have the first issue (25 pages) of this soon to be seventy page graphic novel sent to me and let me tell you this is a good story. It’s got the creepy empty ship with the weird A.I. vibe. The mystery of Sheridan’s guilt or innocence is a lovely conundrum that even seem to confuse his love interest. Then last but certainly not least is the impending other shoe, as in when do the rest of the crew wake up?

With hints of Mignola and Tyler Jenkins (Peter Panzerfaust) the art is complex and detailed. But through it all Lee maintains that lonely ship, devoid of life feeling. Lee Milewski (the author/illustrator) has brought us an interesting story filled with excellent artwork. I can’t wait to read the whole story.

Want to read the first issue? Go here wteau.com! Then join me in supporting this indie comic kickstarter campaign “With The Earth Above Us”, which Milewski refers to as “an all-ages sci-fi adventure…” Let’s help Lee get his book into the hands of the comic community!

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