Why I loved Asbury Comic Con (one of the many reasons) ~ What'cha Reading?

Why I loved Asbury Comic Con (one of the many reasons)


Thirty-five tables, no big publishers. Creators, artists, writers, publishers, and about five comic book vendors.  One of those tables was filled with art from two sisters Claire and Paige Connelly, college students, Asbury Park locals and damn talented artists.

I bought “Valves” from Claire. She only printed thirty, I’m happy to have gotten one. It’s an eight page full color comic, self published – hell self printed. And it’s good. It’s the story of a trumpet player, living only to remember that feeling of being one with the music. It’s a poignant story, well told and illustrated with style. She’s got a career ahead of her if she keeps up this kind of work.

This article really isn’t a review though. I was just so impressed with these two girls I had to write about them. Their table was sitting between Erica Schultz (creator of M3 from Hound Comics) and syndicated cartoonist Will Wilson (OrdinaryBill.com). A table they almost didn’t get. See when they signed up for the convention they didn’t make the cut. Then at MOCCA they saw Asbury Park Comic Con promoter Cliff Galbraith (creator of Rat Bastard) they ran right up to him and asked why they had been refused. Cliff being the extremely cool guy he is said he’d look into it. Their persistence paid off. I watched with a smile as people like Jamal Igle and the guys from Megabrain Comics stopped by and perused their work.

I hope they had a great show. I hope they keep going, keep creating, keep working.

Here are their links, go check them out…

What do you say ladies? Back at Asbury Lanes in September?


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  1. waroftheindependents on

    Hey, good seeing you there Chuck. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to even walk around much at the show so I missed Valves.

  2. Great meeting you too Dave! I know what you mean my only reason for being there was to meet people and see what they had to offer and I still don’t feel like actually spent time at every table. Claire’s work is on her blog, maybe she’ll make a .pdf available some point.

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