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#WhoWillWin – Batman or Superman?


Yesterday was a big day for fans excited about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  (Which is all of us at What’cha Reading).  Not only did director Zack Snyder take to Twitter to ask fans to pick a side – Batman or Superman, but a new poster and two new themed t.v. spots have been released, as well.  With only 59 more days and exactly two months from today, the Batman v Superman hype is real!

So, do what the man told you.  Make sure you go on twitter and tweet #Batman or #Superman, along with #WhoWillWin to join the conversation.  We’ve seen a few people even think outside of just those two and tweet Wonder Woman which is great.


Image via Yahoo! Movies.

Coinciding with the #WhoWillWin Twitter discussion, Yahoo! Movies debuted an exclusive new poster featuring a stare down of mythic proportions between The Bat of Gotham and The Last Son of Krypton.

Zack Snyder recently told Famous Monsters of Filmland that the highly anticipated superhero movie sets out to justify the massive destruction that happened in Man of Steel. “There should be consequences to superheroes’ interaction with the Earth,” he said. “Certainly, Batman v Superman sort of cashes in all its chips on the ‘why’ of that destruction.”  We see that play out in the newly released t.v. spot 4 for Batman v Superman.  It focuses more on Bruce Wayne’s perspective and Ben Affleck nails it, along with Jeremy Irons as Alfred.

But, if you’re like me and you’re not only a supporter of the power of the press, but also happen to be a big fan of alien super heroes, here’s the Clark Kent themes spot.  It features Henry Cavill and Perry White himself, Laurence Fishburne.

Turkish Airlines have even gotten in on the fun as they are one of the sponsors for the upcoming film.  Their Boeing 777 is featured in a scene and in a newly released (and primarily recut trailer), we see Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) on their plane.  You could view the trailer below.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is almost here.  It’s exciting to see new promotional material released every day.  Who are you most excited about seeing on screen this March?  And #WhoWillWin?  Let us know in the comments below, and maybe even tweet to us at @whatchareading1

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