Who ya gonna call??... Doc Spektor!!! Dynamite's latest Gold Key Re-launch ~ What'cha Reading?

Who ya gonna call??… Doc Spektor!!! Dynamite’s latest Gold Key Re-launch


Who ya gonna call??... Doc Spektor!!! Dynamite's latest Gold Key Re-launchOf all the Gold Key characters being re-booted by Dynamite, Doctor Spektor,Master of the Occult, is the one that had me the most interested. First, it was the only one not previously used in Valiant or Acclaim comics ( but I guess Dr. Mirage was a close enough analogy ), and while Barbiere and Bennet’s Solar got me hooked,  I lost interest in both Magnus and Turok, so I want to see if this title will break it even for the company.

With Waid and Edwards at the helm, its almost a sure thing.

Dr. Adam Spektor is monster hunter, a para-normal detective and a professional supernatural de-bunker… and star of a hit reality TV! In the current episode being filled, Dr. Spektor is hunting down a Vampire named Rackenham, a sure ratings boost and a chance to show off some of the good Doctor’s Arcane Arsenal (a collection of mystical talismans valued at 100 million dollars by Christie’s). When Rackenham gets the upper hand, Spektor reaches  deep into his Arsenal and uses a geo-synchronous satellite to send a blast of concentrated sunlight around the globe to end the vampire’s life!

Mark Waid is the perfect writer for this re-launch, with his ability to always find a way to re-invigorate an established character. He just did it twice for Marvel (Hulk and Daredevil) and I look forward to seeing him approach a character I know very little about, with a lot of wiggle room for re-interpretation.

Waid’s got the creativity for it, and Edwards really takes it up a notch, stretching his talent to match Waid’s. Neal’s art is beginning to surpass Brian Hitch’s instead of just being reminiscent f it, with a less sketchy rendering and more fluid line work,.. this might just be the book that puts him on the map as a serious contender. Fans of Doc Strange, Hellblazer and the Dresden Files will quickly find familiar ground,and still enjoy Waid’s more modern interpretation of an occult detective. Enjoy!

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Doctor Spektor, Master of the Occult
w. Mark Waid
a. Neil Edwards

Covers by Christian Ward, Franco Francavilla, Phil Hester, Jae Lee and Ken Haeser

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