Who Picks Up The Pieces When Time-travel Goes Awry? Answers lie in "Future Proof" ~ What'cha Reading?

Who Picks Up The Pieces When Time-travel Goes Awry? Answers lie in “Future Proof”


At Boston Comic Con this year I happened across Alex Cormack‘s table. He’s a very talented artist and I was happy to find him there, he’s also very personable and entertaining so we easily launched into a discussion about projects new and old (more on other projects soon).

One of his current projects is Future Proof…
Who Picks Up The Pieces When Time-travel Goes Awry? Answers lie in "Future Proof"

It’s a question posed often in sci-fi. If we meddle in the past, won’t it effect the future?

That’s the problem “Future Proof” attempts to address. Issue one give us this great definition of how it’s done:

Future Proofing – Verb
1. The act or process of trying to anticipate future developements, so that action can be taken to minimize possible negative consequences.
2. To seize opportunities.

So we jump into an adventure already in progress. Dallas, Texas 1963 something’s about to happen but if James and Simon don’t do their jobs it won’t happen correctly. The date and the time give away what’s going on pretty quickly but the mission still comes as a surprise and I don’t want to venture into spoiler territory here so let me instead talk about the theory.
Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated setting off World War 1, a war that impacted every country in Europe. If you were to go back in time and stop that assassination thereby possibly preventing the war would that be a good thing?

There’s no right answer to that question. No war is good, loss of life is never something to take lightly but the changes that come out of that kind of event ripple through everything that follows.

So what we have is a book where time travel has been invented and the first people to control it decide to “fix” history. Now we have to fix all the things they “fixed” or who knows the outcome.

It’s a heady concept, which is well explained in issue one, and it’s a concept that’s lots of fun to theorize about. What “fixes” would have been attempted and how hard will it be to undo them? Brian Phillipson has set up a really cool sandbox and I’m looking forward to watching him play in it. I do hope he shows us more of the consequences of the first wave of fixes, I love alternate history plots.

On to the art, Alex Cormack’s art leans heavily into the illustration end of comics. Strong lines, good use of negative space, and great facial expressions make this a really good-looking book. His grasp of historic setting is spot-on.

So, it’s a great book, where do I get it? Well that story is almost as interesting as the book itself.

Future Proof issue #1 has been printed as a limited run for sales/promotions at conventions.  They are also currently giving away, page-by-page, issue #1 on the Future Proof Facebook page as well as on the Bliss on Tap Publishing Facebook page.

I have it on good authority that Alex Cormack is plugging away at issue #2. As for the future of the series? The plan is to release volume 1 (the first five issues) in a full color collected edition in Spring 2014, published by Bliss on Tap and distributed through Diamond then in digital release on sites like comixology.

So you’ve got a chance here, a chance to find a great book that you can read pretty much as it’s written and for free. Oh and if I didn’t make it clear already, it’s a damn good book. Go. Read. Enjoy.

Still here? Ok, look at these;

fp 1 fp 2 fp 3

fp 4 fp 5

As I said – Go. Read. Enjoy.

Those links again:

Future Proof on Facebook – Facebook.com/Future-Proof

Bliss on Tap Publishing on Facebook – Facebook.com/Bliss-on-Tap

Bliss on Tap blog – blissontap.blogspot.com

See you there.

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