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White Canary is Coming!



Fans were reasonably shocked when Sara Lance/Canary was killed during the season three premiere of The CW’s Arrow.  Her death easily drove the rest of the season as Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) searched for her killer and eventually came head to head with Ra’s Al Ghul (Matt Nable) and The League of Assassins.  It was hard to see Sara/Canary go as she was played by the terrific Caity Lotz (Mad Men, The Machine).  She blended the character with a humanity and athleticism that played well against Stephen Amell’s Arrow, despite not being the Black Canary Dinah Lance from the comic books.  But, as if The CW and DC heard the fans, Sara Lance’s resurrection was teased in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow.  Now, we have word that we will see Caity Lotz return as Sara, now the White Canary, even earlier than expected!


Speaking with E!, Marc Guggenheim revealed “The White Canary will be launched in the first few episodes of Arrow.  4×08, our typical crossover episode, will be doing a lot of heavy-lifting in terms of getting the Legends of Tomorrow characters set up and also seeing where they are with relation to The Flash. It’s a big episode.”

With the introduction of the Lazarus Pit during season three of Arrow, and the first trailer for Legends of Tomorrow, it looks like it’s a safe bet that Sara will be brought to the eternal springs that kept Ra’s Al Ghul alive for so long.  This was a plot idea that many fans had for a while, but never saw come to fruition as the series focused more on Oliver being courted as the next Ra’s.  While it has been nearly a year wait to see Caity Lotz return to the series, I am very excited to see her return, especially on Arrow.  DC Comics have a strong slate of television, and with Legends of Tomorrow and CBS’ Supergirl, the Fall 2015 schedule will be filled with much of the characters, worlds, and ideas we love from the comic books.

Arrow returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 7th at 8 PM ET.  Check your local listings.

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