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Where were you on October 21 2015?!


Great Scott! It’s less than one month until October 21, 2015! While it might seem like any other day for some, October 21, 2015 is no ordinary day by any means.  That date is the day that Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) had to travel to in order to save McFly’s future son in the popular film, Back to the Future Part II.  Because of this once in a lifetime date for fans of the hit movie, Diamond Comics Distributors are inviting comic and specialty shops the opportunity to participate in Back to the Future Day!

Where were you on October 21 2015?!“Our goal is to remind comic shop customers that their comic shop is a great source for Back to the Future collectibles, featuring fun and new items exclusive to comic shops”, said Diamond’s Consumer Marketing Manager, Andy Mueller.  “We’ll be reaching out to the visitors of PREVIEWSworld, FreeComicBookDay and ToyChestnews to remind fans about Back to the Future products coming to comic shops and showcase the e-catalog for them to check out. It’s easy to go ‘Back to the Future’, just go to your local comic shop!”

Back to the Future remains as one of the most popular and well loved of 80’s films.  It’s easy to see why a film like this would be celebrated and Diamond Comics are pulling out all the stops to ensure that this is a fun day for fans.  They’ve created an online catalog complete with comics, toys, collectibles, and apparel.  Click the link to go to the online catalog and order form.




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