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Where Monsters Dwell (2015): Phantom Eagle Flies Savage Skies TP


Where Monsters Dwell (2015): Phantom Eagle Flies Savage Skies TPAs I said back in my July review I was never one for “event books” I like my continuity crazy and my books ongoing. This need the big two have for tidying things up always seems to take out a character or two you really loved. That being said there’s also the story or two that comes out of events that you just enjoy the hell out of. Where Monsters Dwell is one of those.

Written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Russ Braun, Where Monsters Dwell is a Marvel Secret Wars mini series or one of the WARZONES! stories as they’re calling it. It’s 1923 and Karl Kaufmann, the self-styled “Phantom Eagle,” is bilking the natives and tourists plying his trade in skies of the Far East. His dishonest lifestyle since WWI have earned him quite the reputation, as an ass, half-way around the world so when a lovely lady attempts to hire him to fly her to meet her husband he really should have reconsidered. But Karl isn’t the considering kind and when he and “Clemmie” wind up in the Savage Land that’s the least of his troubles.

I truly enjoyed this in monthlies, so much so that when I saw the trade last week at my local comic shop I had to pick it up. It’s got dinosaurs, pygmies, a tribe of warrior women, giant crocodiles and sharks, oh and the biggest jerk you’ll ever root for. Karl Kaufmann in deplorable from page one. You want him to be a hero, hell you want him to be a decent guy, but he is exactly what you know all too many of those “adventurer types” were probably really like. He’s a misogynist, a coward, and an opportunist. And his passenger? Clementine Franklin-Cox has a history with Karl, and a few ideas on what his comeuppance should be. The best part is that everyone gets what they deserve, save for one poor tribal girl who gets the short end of the stick.

The trade collects the five issue mini with some variant covers and sketches included, which is always a plus. Pick this one up at your local comic shop, I’m giving it 4 out of 5.

Where Monsters Dwell (2015): Phantom Eagle Flies Savage Skies TP
Writer: Ennis, Garth
Artist: Braun, Russell
Cover Artist: Cho, Frank
On Sale December 23, 2015
Publisher Marvel
Diamond Id: OCT150976
Price: $16.99
ISBN: 978078519892551699

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