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Where Do You Get Your Comics?


So if you’re here at What’cha Reading odds are you’re a comic book fan (or maybe you just love our amazing writers?) If you are you must get your comics from somewhere right? Now we get a lot of review stuff digitally and that’s just fine for reviews but I personally love a printed comic (and book for that matter). Digital can look as good, it’s essentially exactly the same but there’s something tactile that’s missing from the experience. It reminds me of watching a movie on my laptop. Yea I’m watching a movie, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. How about you? What’s your favorite flavor and how do you acquire it?

Take a second and let us know your favorite method of procuring panels of pure bliss…

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Where do you get your comics?

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And if you feel the urge please share details of your preferred method of procurement in the comments! Are you happy with your local shop? Is mail order a must? Did we miss an option? (I was going to add sled dog but thought the number of responses might be a tad low) Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for new and interesting places to buy books…

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