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Wha’tcha Watchin’ Special Edition: SAVE CONSTANTINE!


Wha'tcha Watchin' Special Edition: SAVE CONSTANTINE!

Some days it absolutely kills me that I have a day job, friends, because while I knew there were goings on in the world of Constantine, my job kept me too busy to talk about them with you. Well, I’m out of work for the day now, and I have things to share with you. Important things. Things that could potentially alter the universe as we know it…by making or breaking a season two for Constantine.

Two days ago (today being April 24), show runner Daniel V. Cerone tweeted that the entire series would be available on NBC.com and Hulu:

Yesterday, April 23, he revealed that his long awaited pitch meeting with NBC will be taking place on Monday April 27 (although NBC won’t be making any decisions until May, this is a crucial step), and by the way, Hellblazers should sign this petition:

And for you international Hellblazers, Daniel’s got your back:

And if you needed any further reason to watch, he’s live tweeting the pilot tonight (April 24) at 9 EST/6 PST. Need I remind you that live tweeting is half the fun of watching Constantine? Let’s get this trending on Twitter!

Hellblazers, you have your marching orders for this weekend. Watch on NBC.com, watch on Hulu, check your cable providers and see if it’s available On Demand (I know for a fact that DirecTV has several of the later episodes available this way because I checked), and WATCH CONSTANTINE. This is not a drill, this is an official Save Our Show emergency. #SaveConstantine!

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