What'cha Reading is 1 year old! ~ What'cha Reading?

What’cha Reading is 1 year old!


 According to WordPress I started this blog a year ago today. I had no idea if anyone would read what I wrote or even if my writing was worth reading. But I jumped in got lots of advice (and editing) from people I love and trust and so far so good!

Things are crazier now, getting previews from a few companies, covering conventions, doing interviews. I even have some contributors! And let’s not forget that I was asked to be a contributor at Alternativemindz.com. If I hadn’t met Rob and his crew (extended family) I don’t think I’d still be doing this. Thanks Rob, for being my cheerleader and Thanks Juan for introducing me to that band of lunatics.

So I guess after a year, 223 posts, and over 10,000 views I’ve decided to stick it out a while longer. Considering the feeling of acceptance I’ve gotten from creators, publishers, and fans I have to say this is the best project I’ve ever undertaken. What could be better than delving into a world you love and getting to tell people about all the things you see there?

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far that’s great! Expect more of the same, more reviews, more interviews, and early next year a new huge project! Whether you’ve been reading this site for a year or this is the first article of mine you’ve seen I hope I can (continue) to entertain, inform and maybe add a little to your enjoyment of this wonderful medium called comic books.

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Chuck Suffel is the Owner/Editor-in-Chief of Whatchareading.com. He loves comics, movies, tv shows. When it comes to comics his first loves are independents and small publishers. Feel free to drop him a note anytime at chuck@whatchareading.com


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