What'cha Reading Listed in Top 100 Blogs! ~ What'cha Reading?

What’cha Reading Listed in Top 100 Blogs!


What'cha Reading Listed in Top 100 Blogs!Right around NYCC we were contacted and asked if we’d like to be included in a Top 100 comic book blog infographic. Like the wall-flower at prom we were happy to be asked but mildly concerned about the outcome. This could be embarrassing couldn’t it? Ah what the heck let’s see how it shakes out!

So when I was email a link to the graphic I clicked with shaking mouse, at least I know we aren’t number 101 one right?

Well there was no need to fret as you can see we fall comfortably in the middle of the pack, and I happen to know we’re actually climbing as (thanks to you fine people reading this!) as I type this! So check out the list, check out some of the other sites, come on back and tell us all about your travels!

*This list was compiled using data from Alexa.com. The ratings on Alexa.com are based on the surfing habits of people with the Alexa toolbar installed on their computers.


An infographic by the team at Rebates zone


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