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What’cha Reading Talks… with writer/creator Eric Grissom


Recently we sat down (virtually of course) with comic book writer Eric Grissom to discuss comics, life, and other weird stuff? Eric has worked on a bunch of titles, both self published and through publishers. We discuss writing, editors, publishing, working with artists, and so much more. It was a fun conversation, Eric is an interesting guy who loves comics and it shows. He’s a creator who has a lot of talent and goes far to share the credit for his books with those he works with.

If you’ve been around the site for any amount if time you know we’ve reviewed a bunch of his books. Which you can find here. If reviews aren’t what you’re here for (umm why are you here exactly?) then just head over to Eric’s site; ericgrissom.com for more info on him and his books.

Let’s say you’ve decided after watching this excellent interview that you must buy some of his work right now, which we heartily recommend, then you should check out the links below!

You can see all his comixology offerings here.

If Amazon is more your thing head here,  which includes the Planet Gigantic pitch issue we spoke about in the podcast.

Want to read “the Mark” written by Eric and adapted by Claire Connelly? Go here for that as well as an excerpt from the series of stories they’ve worked on collectively called “Animals

Or you can just jump on over to ericgrissom.com/work for all of Eric’s well work in one place…

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