What is best in life? A Thrud the Barbarian collection from Titan! ~ What'cha Reading?

What is best in life? A Thrud the Barbarian collection from Titan!


What’cha Reading HQ received this press release from Titan this afternoon, which put the cherry on the icing of my Comic Book Wednesday. Thrud the Barbarian, the comic strip that gave us a hilarious sendup of Conan the Barbarian and sword-and-sorcery fantasy in general, is being released as a hardcover collection by Titan in September of this year.

Thrud the Barbarian cover

Here, straight from the Titans themselves:

The Eagle-Award-Winning Barbarian comedy series is collected at last!


Thrud: big of muscle, tiny of head, which is fine for Thrud as you only need a big brain if you need to talk your way out of trouble. Instead, he lets his axe speak for him!

In the first collected volume of this hugely popular cult, er, hero, Thrud faces down the necromancer To-Me Ku-Pa (FWAP! THWOK!); protects his beer supplies from fierce Frost Giants (KRISH! KER-THUNK!); faces his arch-nemesis (THUNKTHUNKTHUNK!); assumes the stately role of the king he accidentally killed (GAK! POK!) and gets his pint spilled on a mission into the depths of a primeval jungle (ARRGGLE! SPLUTCH!)!

A hilarious, timeless parody of Conan The Barbarian and his musclebound ilk!

Thrud the Barbarian hits stores on September 24, 2013.  The collection will also be available to read day and date on the iPad, iPhone, Web, Android and Kindle Fire, exclusively through the comiXology app and comiXology.com

Retailers can order Thrud the Barbarian from the June edition of Diamond PREVIEWS.

Enjoy some artwork from the book. I may need a Black Currant t-shirt at some point in my life. Just sayin’.

Thrud the Barbarian 1Thrud the Barbarian 2

Thrud the Barbarian 3 Thrud the Barbarian 4 Thrud the Barbarian 5

Writer:  Carl Critchlow
Artist: Carl Critchlow
Format: Hardcover Collection
Page Count: 144pp
Full Color, B&W, or partial color: FC
Retail Price: $19.99
Street Date: September 24, 2013
Diamond ID: JUN131289

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