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What comics are you buying tomorrow?


November 14, 2012

Here’s a few of the titles I’m looking forward to tomorrow… What are you picking up?

Extermination_06_preview_Page_01Extermination #6: “The Alliance’s assault on the Abattoir continues! Having hijacked the monstrous alien landtrain, Nox & Red Reaper lead their rag-tag group of former heroes and villains to the heart of the EDDA H.Q. in search of Absolute and their only hope of survival. Heroes will die — it’s just a matter of how many…”

As I said when I reviewed Issue #1 “Super heroes on the run across a barren wasteland world from ugly bloodthirsty alien monsters!… Buy it! Read it! Strong 5 out of 5.”


“Haven’t tried Matt Kindt’s visionary MIND MGMT series yet? Well, lock up your dolphins, shield your brain, and don’t believe anything you see, because this specially priced issue is the perfect initiation into Kindt’s electrifying tale of Mind Management’s psychic spies, its most infamous defector, and Meru, the journalist who stumbles upon their incredible secrets! Available in print for the first time, these three stories introduce the series’ key players and delve deeper than ever into MIND MGMT’s secret history! Whether you’re new to the series or already hooked, this special issue can’t be missed!”

Here’s our interview with Matt from NYCC!

Peter Panzerfaust #7 $3.50

Peter Panzerfaust #7 “PARIS,” Part Two
“The Boys team up with a local band of resistance fighters who fight for the same goal of freeing prisoners of war. A daring rescue operation puts Peter and the Lost Boys in the crosshairs of the German army while new allies offer a door to a whole new world.”

Another book we’ve showered with love and affection (did that sound creepy?)

Think Tank #4 (MR) $3.99

Think Tank #4: “The conclusion to the first arc of THINK TANK! Dr. David Loren, slacker genius, must escape the most secure facility in the world and then escape from Fort Meade in the heart of the Washington DC power corridor. The ultimate story of brains versus brawn and a commentary on America’s so-called exceptionalism and military industrial complex.”

I’ve read every issue of this series and I’ve written several reviews, none published. It’s a great book so well written in fact that I don’t feel like my reviews do it justice. Go buy this book.

Hoax Hunters #5 $2.99

Hoax Hunters #5: “TAG’ In 1984 New Jersey, a young woman runs from her hidden, devilish past – and the monster that may be hunting her down. Special guest artist EMILIO LAISO (HACK/SLASH) delivers this chilling tale from the Hoax Hunters archives!”

Maybe I’ve covered this book too much? You tell me. Hoax Hunters

The Walking Dead #104 (MR) $2.99 rounds out my selections from Image.

DC Comics:
Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE (2011-) #14 $2.99

DC Comics: Batgirl (2011-) #14 ($2.99), Batman (2011-) #14 $3.99, Batman and Robin (2011-) #14 ($2.99), Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE (2011-) #14. Frankenstein ends at issue #16 so I’d recommend reading this one while you still can!

My only Marvel purchase for this week? X-treme X-Men #6 $2.99

Valiant is still keeping me interested with both Archer & Armstrong (2012- ) #4 ($3.99) and Bloodshot (2012- ) #5 ($3.99)

I think it’s pretty clear that Image is the big winner in my pull list this week! So c’mon what are you buying?

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  1. I’m going for it. Getting the All-New X-Men #1. I need it. X-Men is my title. Also getting X-Men Legacy #1 and Thor God for Thunder #1. I’m interested in the relaunches, since I’m just really getting back into comics after a very long hiatus. Definitely getting Gambit #5. Considering Fantastic Four’s relaunch.

    Also getting Batgirl #14. I’m on the fence about Evil Ernie – I read the Chaos! title years ago, Mike liked it much more than I did. Maybe I’ll surprise him with it. Will is interested in Borderlands: Origins #1, so I’ll pick that up for him.

  2. Wow Roe! Jumping in with both feet! I’m proud of you woman! X-Men has been my title since I started reading comics. I still love going back and reading the Brood storyline and Dark Phoenix! I’ve dropped most of the X books from my pulls as of late but still seem to pick them up when I’m at the shop. Just can’t help myself! Are you going to Royal?

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