Welcome Back, Vampi! - Vampirella #1 on stands tomorrow! ~ What'cha Reading?

Welcome Back, Vampi! – Vampirella #1 on stands tomorrow!


When I read that Dynamite was ending Vampirella’s run with issue #38, I was disappointed. The book was growing on me, with stronger storylines and solid art. Happily, the title is back, starting tomorrow, with vampire scribe extraordinaire, Nancy Collins, writing her. Patrick Berkenkotter has art duties this time out, and it’s some incredible looking stuff.

There are a plethora of variant covers, including offerings from Stephanie Buscema and Joe Jusko. Grab your copy when you pick up your books!



VampiVol2-01-Cov-25OnlyAdams VampiVol2-01-Cov-50OnlyFrison  VampiVol2-01-Cov-100OnlyAnacleto VampiVol2-01-Cov-Adams VampiVol2-01-Cov-Anacleto VampiVol2-01-Cov-Authen VampiVol2-01-Cov-DFExclusive VampiVol2-01-Cov-incenDavila VampiVol2-01-Cov-IncenHaeser VampiVol2-01-Cov-IncenJadson VampiVol2-01-Cov-IncenYune VampiVol2-01-Cov-RetailerTemplate

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