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Wednesday Nov 14th! Hoax Hunters #5!


What began at an orphanage in the 1960’s is now loose in 1984! When Lauren’s friends from the orphanage begin turning up horribly murdered she goes on the run! Will the “devils” from her past catch up to her? And what can Hoax Hunters do to help!

So you all read that piece I wrote recently about one of my favorite series, Hoax Hunters right? Or saw the interview from New York Comic Con? You already know it will be returning in January with a new story arc?

If by some crazy oversight you still haven’t been reading it (why? WHY?) number five is the issue to buy!

This Wednesday we get treated to a story out of Hoax Hunters history! Though this story takes place in Hoax Hunters past it’s not character back-story as much as an introduction to the concept of Hoax Hunters. Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley have given us a truly unique idea in this book. What if there were an organization tasked with not only searching for the truth about these mysterious occurrences but keeping it secret? They’d be the bad guys right? Decide for yourself.

Taking place in the 80’s some authors and artists would have taken this opportunity to drown us in a pop culture tsunami. Not these guys, while the references are there I felt they were natural and germane to the story. A song here maybe a video game there, everything in it’s proper place to set the scene. It’s one of the truly great things about this series. While the cryptids, aliens, and monsters they face maybe fantastic and frightening you really feel at home in the world Micheal and Steve have created. And for me that just enhances the creepiness factor!

Stop by your local shop on Wednesday, give Hoax Hunter’s a try. Then come on back and tell me what you thought!

Hoax Hunters #5
Story by: Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley
Art By: Emilio Laiso
Cover By: Joe Eisma
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Image
Diamond ID: SEP120506
On Sale: November 14, 2012
Series: Hoax Hunters

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