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Weapon Brown! A Kickstarter You Should Back!



I’d been hearing about Weapon Brown for a while now from my buddy Rob over at Alternative Mindz but I just hadn’t had the time to check it out. Well when I saw that Weapon Brown creator Jason Yungbluth was running a Kickstarter to print the full graphic novel I figured no time like the present!

Here’s the synopsis from whatisdeepfried.com

The apocalyptic Last War has turned the world to cinders… the world of the comics page.

The survivors make their way as best they can, with no regard for human decency. But when a chance to start the world over falls into the hands of Chuck, the wasteland’s bitterest citizen, this cold-hearted killing machine must decide if he doesn’t prefer things just the way they are.

The stars of  history’s most beloved comic strips have been cast into the lowest depths of hell, and the future is no place for the wishy-washy.



Weapon Brown is set decades after the earth-scorching “Last War”. It stars Chuck, a hard bitten, hard hittin’ cyborg bounty hunter scratching out a living in the toxic wastelands of a ruined world. And while Chuck crosses paths with the doom troopers and mutants common to post-apocalyptic stories, Weapon Brown offers something never before seen in the genre.

“Every character is a lampoon of a famous figure from the history of newspaper comic strips,” says Yungbluth. And although he will not disclose which characters are which, it will be hard not to identify nearly every famous face that has ever graced the funny pages, from Orphan Annie to Popeye to Garfield.

And who is “Chuck”–Weapon Brown’s bald-headed hero–an homage to?

“Some people think he resembles Charlie Brown, but I have never once in my life heard that name,” Yungbluth stated.

This book is sick, sick and twisted, sick twisted and totally cool! Every character you’d want to see (and every character you’d want to see blown up) is there, the story feels familiar but in that weird skewed alternative dimension way. It’s a tightly written post apocalyptic tale that keeps you reading, and wondering who’ll show up next!

Go to the Kickstarter page to see more about this wild ride, or head over to whatisdeepfried.com and read the series from the beginning in economical web comic form.

Here’s a taste…

WB-BW-01 WB-BW-02 WB-BW-03

Awesome artwork, a kick-ass story, you need to read this!

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