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We fell in love with “Jackie Rose” – Check out the Webcomic and Kickstarter!


I’m in love with Jackie Rose. Who is Jackie Rose you may ask? She is just about the coolest sixteen year old I’ve ever come across. She is the star of the upcoming graphic novel Jackie Rose by Josh Ulrich. Well she will be if enough people fall in love with her and support his Kickstarter to get the book published.

For now you can enjoy Jackie’s adventures as a web comic.


Jackie’s made of pure heart. She overhears her father on the phone saying he may not be able to afford to keep their house. Her mom had died when she was quite young and the only memento she has of her is a mural her mom painted on her bedroom wall. Jackie will do anything to help her dad. Circumstances arise where she may be able to retrieve a valuable artifact from a world-renowned thief and collect the $50,000. Jackie decides that’s just what she’s going to do.

The setting for the comic is “an alternate 1940s” which feels very steampunk to me. It’s an adventure story where the girl is the brave one and her boy sidekick is really just a long for the ride. I love the setting which allows her to be classic and timeless at the same time. The art is perfect, bold and colorful just like its heroine.

For his Kickstarter Ulrich lists his goals as follows:

The Goal: My goal is to do a high quality print run of the first volume of Jackie Rose and be able to take those books to the convention circuit next year, as well as selling them online. My funding goal is based on the cost of printing, plus reward fulfillment, shipping, ISBN numbers, and some margin for error. Beyond the Goal: Extra money raised in the kickstarter will go towards travel/con expenses so that I can attend more conventions and sell the book to more people. I have some stretch goals in mind that I will begin adding along the way. Rewards: I’ve got some great rewards for you all, including copies of the book itself, exclusive behind the scenes content, prints, original art, and even a chance to be made into an air pirate that will be featured in volume 2!

Did I put my money where my mouth is? Yes, I loved it that much. I want Jackie Rose on my bookshelf where I can visit her again and again. I can’t wait to see how she gets herself out of this mess she’s in and onto another adventure. As I write this Ulrich is less than $1000 away from his goal. Check out the 36 pages currently up and I bet you’ll love her just as much and want to contribute as well.

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