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Wayward #4 – More Mysteries! And A Twist!


Fighting demons is always more fun with friends…and maybe your mom!?! Wayward #4 has Rori looking for answers but finding more mysteries including a twist she wasn’t expecting.

Wayward #4 - More Mysteries! And A Twist!

The supernatural goings on is starting to bleed into Rori’s day-to-day life as she gets caught zoning out in school. She decides it’s time to take things more fully in hand. She meets up with her Scooby crew and decides to let the glowing threads that only she sees take her where they want to go. Meanwhile back at home we see her Mom has some glowing threads going on herself.

I still can’t get enough of Wayward. The fish out of water/coming of age vibe coupled with all the supernatural things melds perfectly. Rori is still engaging as a lead and she talks like a real teenager, completely confident one minute and full of self-doubt the next. The addition of support characters has strengthened the story a great deal and makes me more intrigued to see exactly what this mystical world in Tokyo is all about.

I’m giving Wayward #4, 4 out of 5 stars. Good writing, good art, this book is just a solid piece of storytelling all around.

Wayward #4
Written by Jim Zub
Art by Steven Cummings
On Sale November 26, 2014
Publisher: Image
Diamond Id: SEP140764
Price: $3.50
UPC: 70985301696000411

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