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Wayward #2 – Still Loving This Series!


I’ve talked before about the appeal of young female leads in this day and age. One of the things that I didn’t mention was how rarely they are allowed to show weakness or damage. Sure they can be emotionally vulnerable but they must be strong even then. One of the most appealing aspects to me of Veronica Mars was how damn damaged she was and how she hurt the ones who loved her because of her obsessions. Wayward is definitely not afraid to show its heroine’s damage.


Rori is still reeling from the events of last issues but now she faces a more frightening prospect than mystical enemies…her first day at a new school. It’s even more awkward being and red-haired Irish girl in a Japanese school. One that doesn’t appreciate diversity in its student population. Her fears overcome her and she takes a bathroom break to deal with them, by cutting herself. It seems she’s been here before. Later she meets a boy who has something in common with her.

I love Wayward more and more each issue. Rori is identifiable and the right combination of fragile and strong. Cutting as a way to deal with anxiety is a quiet epidemic and I really appreciated seeing it depicted here in a straightforward way. For her to conquer real demons, Rori is going to have to conquer her own first. The plot is playing out the real life side and magical side in parallel which works very well. I continue to love the art which makes me feel the magic come alive on the page.

I’m giving the second issue of Wayward 4.5 out of 5 stars, Rori is my new favorite teenage girl heroine and she is in esteemed company so that’s saying something.

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Wayward #2 (MR)
Writer: Zub, Jim
Artist: Cummings, Steven
Cover Artist: Rossmo, Riley
On Sale September 24, 2014
Publisher Image
Diamond Id: JUL140589
UPC: 70985301696000200

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