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Watch Jessica Jones Trailer Here!



Five weeks from today is the premiere of Marvel’s Jessica Jones.  The follow up to the successful Netflix series Marvel’s Daredevil already looks to be another hit for both partners and today sees the long anticipated release of the trailer.  Have a look below:


The premiere episode of Marvel’s Jessica Jones was shown during New York Comic Con, along with a panel discussing the upcoming show.  It’s evident that the series will borrow elements from Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias comic book, which was what gave fans of the Marvel Universe their introduction to the superhero turned private investigator.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones will soon make the Bendis created and Krysten Ritter portrayed character a household name.  She’s already increased in popularity and with the Netflix show featuring the debut of Luke Cage (Mike Colter), more are sure to make Marvel’s latest series is on their list of shows to binge watch.

All 13 episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones premiere Friday, November 20th at 3:01 ET / 12:01 PT on Netflix.

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