Warner Brothers Developing Static Shock Live Action Series ~ What'cha Reading?

Warner Brothers Developing Static Shock Live Action Series


It seems this was announced a few weeks ago but I missed it somehow, Reginald Hudlin is helming a Static Shock live action series in development at Warner Brothers. The showrunner for the old WB comic series, Denys Cowan is working on the show as well. The reason it suddenly came up again is Jaden Smith is rumored to be in the running for the title role. I have no feelings one way or another about the casting but if his name gets it made then I’m all for it. Warner Brothers Developing Static Shock Live Action Series

We all know I consider Static to be a great character and an important one as well as I’ve discussed it at length ( – February, 2014). While I worry that the flood of superhero shows coming to the networks will dilute the quality I love the idea of Static joining the ranks of Arrow and The Flash. I think it could be a visually appealing show and he is a very accessible and likable character with just enough angst to keep it interesting. Here’s hoping it makes it to the schedule.


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