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All I Want For Christmas is the Twelfth Doctor…#3, That Is


Christmas Eve falls on a Wednesday this year, and you know what that means…comics for Christmas! The wonderful people over at Titan Comics have decided to give me a present in the form of issue #3 in their Twelfth Doctor series, which comes out on Christmas Eve. (Don’t try to tell me they didn’t plan this as a special Christmas surprise for me because I’m not listening!) They’ve sent out a little teaser, complete with covers and description, so I’m sharing my Christmas present with you because I’m a giver. This issue looks like it’s going to be outstanding. I love that the teaser images show Twelve talking to Leonardo da Vinci, which just tickles me since Peter Capaldi has played both roles, and you know that I’m going to get the variant with Capaldi on the cover. But enough about me and my present, here are the details you’re really interested in:

Writer: Robbie Morrison
Artist: Dave Taylor
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Comicraft
Humor Strip: Colin Bell & Neil Slorance
Publisher: Titan Comics
Format: 32pp, FC
Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 24, 2014

In the distant past, the land that would be India played host to a war between ancient aliens, whose cross-temporal battles contributed to the country’s rich myths and legends. Kali, oldest and deadliest of these creatures, was thought defeated long, long ago; her body scattered throughout time to prevent her return. But her psychic essence could not be killed… nor her millennia-long quest for vengeance.

Now, in the 23rd Century, she is on the brink of resurrection. And with India at the forefront of human spaceflight, it’s not only Earth that falls to her predations if she succeeds – but the whole cosmos!

In a race against time, and across it, the Doctor and Clara must gather secrets, intelligence and allies from across India’s past, present and future – if they are to survive… THE SWORDS OF KALI!

Comes with three covers to collect!

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12D_03_A All I Want For Christmas is the Twelfth Doctor...#3, That Is 12D_03_C



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