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The Walking Dead On A Console Near You…


Review by Krystal Loh

The Walking Dead On A Console Near You...

As a rule, I stay skeptical of things-adapted-from-other-things-that-I-like until I’ve experienced it myself. As a fan of both the comic and the show, The Walking Dead as a video game worried me. Long story short, it became one of the best gaming franchises I’ve ever played (here’s to you, Telltale, you magnificent bastards).

That being said, I left PC gaming behind a few years ago when I quit WoW cold turkey, and only step in every once in a while when something great floats my boat. The computer is a distracting place to me, and even in full-screen mode, I’m usually tempted to just switch into a windowed-mode or tab around the other 8-million things I have going on in the background. Maybe it’s just me, but PC gaming is distracted gaming.

Along comes the series in console format.


For a game that is so dependent on immersion (as most are these days, let’s be real), the thought of playing The Walking Dead in its HD glory on my television rather than my laptop is a dream. It’s gory, it’s unnerving, and it’s some of the best storytelling in the business. To date, the series has garnered some of the highest ratings around from all the big names out there and sold more than 39 million episodes worldwide. I suspect that both those who prefer console gaming and have never played the games for that reason alone, or those who played through the series and want to experience it in a bigger way, will eat this release up. Like zombies. Zombies that eat video games, not people. Yes. (What a waste.

Some things are just better absorbed sitting on your couch staring at a television, rather than at a desk or on your lap. Like crying over a little girl named after a fruit.


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