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Voodoo and Vampirella in the Caribbean – Issue #33 Stirs It Up.


Brandon Jerwa kicks things off in the second chapter of Vampirella’s return to the Caribbean isle of Cote de Soleil in a big way. Paul Giraud, the island’s leader, is the prisoner of a cult that wants to use him to house the spirit of evil dictator Papa Voudou. Mamba the snake goddess – think mermaid with a cobra head and a snake tail – takes Vampirella’s companions, Pendragon and Adam, prisosoner as Giraud’s lover, Simone, and Vampirella find themselves in a cave, audience to the ceremony that will resurrect Voudou – unless Vampirella and Simone can stop it in time.



The story is tight, with a action and plot moving swiftly along and keeping me turning pages, dying to know what’s going to happen on the next page. The conclusion moved me to punch the arm of my sofa and say, “Hot DAMN!” I’m a fairly new (regular) Vampirella reader, and this is by far the most satisfying storyline yet. Jerwa hits all the right notes here.

Heubert Khan Michael’s art is solid. I love the panel breaks in his flashback sequences – jagged, emanating from the source and in black and white, noting her memory flashes. The voodoo ceremony scenes are visceral and rendered in oranges, reds, browns and blacks, with fantastic shadows telling incredible amounts of story.

While I’m a big Lucio Parrillo fan, I love the Fabiano Neves cover, with Vampy in her signature red one-piece, striking an action pose. All in all, this was a very satisfying issue for a fledgling Vampirella fan.

Vampy #33 hit shelves last week, but swing by your comic book store and check it out.

Writer: Brandon Jerwa
Artist: Heubert Khan Michael
Cover Artist: Fabiano Neves/Lucio Parrillo
Publisher: Dynamite
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 28, 2013

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