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Voltron #12, dark and gritty. This is not your mama’s Voltron! – Dynamite Comics



King Zarkon is dead and the throne of Doom has fallen to his son Lotor.

A powerful new Volton unit has emerged and struck terrible attacks against the Galaxy Alliance, forcing them to make a decision that will change everything for the Voltron Force.”


I knew I was in for something completely unexpected when I read the intro page to the new Voltron series. I’m a big Voltron fan from back in the day but it was nothing like this. There are now fifteen robot lions and three defenders of the universe. There is sex, violence and double-dealing. This is not your mama’s Voltron.

Issue 12 jumps into the middle of a story so I felt a bit displaced. It is narrated by the suicide note of one of the team members, Sven and Commander Keith is trying to get Voltron to work with only four pilots. It also opens with the knowledge from the intro that Keith himself shot his mentor Sven.

Keith goes around talking to various team members but it feels more like he’s moving pieces on a chess board. He definitely has a plan in mind but we don’t seem to be in on it yet. Even his teammates appear to question his motives. It’s very hard to tell whose side he’s on.

I enjoyed this far more than I would have thought. Its dark and gritty. The characters are familiar enough to lull you into nostalgia but the way they behave snaps you right out of it and forces you to pay attention to what’s going on. The art is solid, the characters don’t look all that similar to the original show but they’re all grown up now and you definitely get the impression that they’ve been through hell.

That being said, this issue is not a great jumping on point. I felt a little lost right through the middle. Once I gained my footing I was sorry I had read it because I think I would have enjoyed watching the story unfold prior to this point. I’m going back to get back issues though. I quite enjoyed seeing childhood friends all grown up, especially since it seems they missed their happy ending.

Voltron #12

Writer: Thomas, Brandon
Artist: Harris, N. Steven
Cover Artist: Chen, Sean
On Sale: May 15, 2013
Publisher: Dynamite
Diamond Id: NOV121129
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.99
UPC: 72513018392701211

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