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Virtual Reality Batcave Being Developed by OTOY


Some time ago amid numerous Marvel and DC Comics announcements, there was a Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and OTOY press release regarding a virtual reality Batman: The Animated Series experience.  As a fan of upcoming technology, the wonders of what will be created next, and of the “dark-deco” animation that Bruce Timm gave to us in the early 90’s, it is with extreme excitement that I bring this news to you.

Announced in October, Warner Digital Series, DC Entertainment and visual effects pioneer, OTOY Inc. are developing an “immersive entertainment experience that will see the Batcave from the acclaimed Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series brought to life” on devices such as the Samsung GALAXY Gear VR, the Oculus Rift, and on ‘glasses-free’ light field displays.  In layman’s terms, virtual reality is starting to become a reality (for lack of a better way of putting it.)  Technology has been developed to a point where one day the experience one has with entertainment will be as immersive as actually living it; albeit without the feelings of touch and smell.  And yet, one day that could very well be remedied.

Virtual Reality Batcave Being Developed by OTOY

Batcave Main Area (image © OTOY)

The virtual reality experience is no longer as basic as it was a few years ago and a quick search for what is being accomplished may just blow your mind.  This is why learning of a fully rendered Batcave is such an exciting prospect for fans of the beloved series and comic book character.  Adding a level of weight to the project, WB and OTOY revealed that Bruce Timm “is guiding the meticulous adaptation into a fully realized universe with volume and depth.”

Batcave Grid (image © OTOY)

Batcave Grid (image © OTOY)

I, for one, am thoroughly interested in following this development and eventually experiencing it for myself.  However, with the announcement of a VR Batcave and the release of DC Collectibles action figures based off of Batman: The Animated Series, I’d just like to point out that Mr. Timm also developed Superman: The Animated Series.  How long do we have to wait until that show gets some love?

More info? click over to OTOY’s press release

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