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Veronica Mars Spin Off Debuts on!


I love Veronica Mars. I mean obsessively love Veronica Mars. I used to write fan fiction for it and I’m not even a little embarrassed by that fact. I’ve watched the series numerous times, some episodes more than others, (sigh, Weapons of Class Destruction…). I backed the Kickstarter, saw it in the theaters the first day, paid for the pay per view so I could watch at home even though I had the digital download. I’ve got the script and the first book of the follow-up series. Now that you understand where I’m coming from let me tell you that “Play it Again Dick” is awesome all on its own.

Veronica Mars Spin Off Debuts on!

“Play it Again Dick” is the new web series from Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars. It stars Ryan Hansen, reprising his role as Dick Casablancas. Dick was of course the douchebag best friend of Veronica’s epic love, Logan Echolls. Ryan decides that Dick should have his own show where he becomes a private eye. In the first episode he attempts to enlist the help of Kristen Bell in his little endeavor. He also makes his pitch to the CW executives.

The seven minutes of this show was better than some of the network stuff I’ve watched of late. It was funny as hell. It’s hard to say honestly if a non-Veronica Mars fan will enjoy it as much as I did but I think there’s enough Hollywood type humor that it may appeal to those unfamiliar with the show as well. It is closer in its humor to Thomas’ “Party Down” (which I also enjoyed) and the fact that it really focuses more on the actors and not the show’s characters may also may it more accessible. Of course Hansen himself called it “fan porn” so I may be giving it too much credit since my inner fangirl is most definitely aroused.

“Play it Again Dick” is running on the CWSeed. You can find it here.

Here’s the trailer…

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