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Veil #2 – Another 5 out of 5!


Veil #2  - Another 5 out of 5!Naked girls who can make bad guys kill themselves need love too. Especially when they have no idea who they are. Of course hanging around them can be dangerous. As Dante discovers in Veil #2.

Veil finally has some clothes, nothing that fits mind you but still a definite improvement over walking around naked. Dante’s trying to figure out what the hell he’s gotten himself into and how the hell to get them both out of it. For her part Veil keeps wondering who she is and of course Dante has no answers. Elsewhere a conjuring appears to have gone astray and the customer paying for it is not pleased but the gentleman in charge makes it clear there are no refunds. Exactly what Veil and this conjuring have to do with one another remains to be seen.

Still loving Veil. Second issues can be a let down when a first issue is so good. Not here. The story’s moving briskly along and trouble follows Veil wherever she goes which keeps it interesting. Dante, though confused and scared, is still doing his best to help her out, which makes me like him even more. The art, I can’t say enough about the art. It is perfectly suited to this story and fills in the empty spaces between the words. You can’t ask for more from an artist.

Five out of Five stars again for Veil. I’m anxiously awaiting the next issue and already lamenting that it’s a miniseries. Add Veil to your pull list, you’ll be as hooked as I am.

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Veil #2 (of 5) (MR)
Writer: Rucka, Greg
Artist: Fejzula, Toni
Cover Artist: Fejzula, Toni
On Sale: April 02, 2014
Publisher: Dark Horse
Diamond Id: FEB140071
Price: $3.50
UPC: 76156823944700211

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