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Vandroid! Fast-Paced Sci-Fi Cyborg 80’s Action!


Sometimes it happens, we get a preview of something we talk about it, it comes out, makes whatever splash it’s going to make and then you don’t really hear about it again. This is sort of the story with Vandroid, a mini-series from Dark Horse that came out of the gate strong but kind of slipped off our radar after that. I received a copy of the trade paperback collection of the series recently and sat down to read it.

I lived through the 1980’s in fact I was 10 years old in ’80 so you could say that truly was my childhood era. On tv we had The A-Team, MacGyver, in the movies Terminator, and RoboCop — Vandroid fits right in. Vandroid! Fast-Paced Sci-Fi Cyborg 80's Action!

Set in the nebulous 80’s some of still remember Vandroid is the story of a greedy programmer. Taylor, angry that his employer thinks his new A.I. is too “dangerous”, decides to go out on his own (taking his ideas with him!) He calls upon Chuck (great name!) and old friend who is a wiz with robotics and at such a low point in his life asking too many questions just isn’t his thing.

What the two of them create is enough to make Skynet blush, this shade wearing, long-haired, killing machine is perfect! And perfectly out of control. Though the story is set in the 80’s and Edwards let the references fly it works well, I never felt him winking at the camera as an obviously outdated cell phone is used, or when one of Chuck’s friends uses antiquated slang. Instead the story just works, you’re drawn back, into a different time and if you’re smart you just hang on for the ride.

The art is spot on, the blend of 80’s looks and styles working well with current layout and storytelling sensibilities.

Vandroid101 Vandroid102 Vandroid103 Vandroid104 Vandroid105

And the story is good, it deals with greed, treachery, sacrifice, humanity, all the hallmarks of classic sci-fi. I’m glad Dark Horse took the time to put this trade out, if you’re like me and missed the mini-series and have a love of fast-paced sci-fi action you want to pick this one up.

Vandroid gets 4 out of 5 stars!

Vandroid TP
Writer: Edwards, Tommy Lee
Artist: Smith, Noah
Cover Artist: Edwards, Tommy Lee
Price: $17.99
ISBN: 978161655495852000
On Sale November 26, 2014
Publisher Dark Horse
Diamond Id: JUL140065

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