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Vampirella’s Halloween Special 2013 – A One-Shot with Eva and Dracula!


This year’s Vampirella Halloween one-shot teams Vampi with Eva and Dracula – and he’s still denying that Eva is his daughter. Talk about deadbeat dads.

VampiHalloween2013-Cov-Jusko-12007It’s always good to see Eva in a Vampirella comic. I love the character – she’s a badass, she’s got a gift for snark, and she can stand toe-to-toe with Vampirella in words and action. Dracula is Dracula, but Eva always manages to bring something extra to the book.

This Halloween one-shot is an interesting story, written by Shannon Eric Denton, that I can see being the basis for an interesting future plotline. Eva learns that a doomsday cult (yeah, another one) is determined to “resurrect some elder god or whatever. Usual crap,” and that a “Vampire Supreme” will be there at the end, and the only one capable of stopping this. She seeks out Vampirella and Dracula to help her stop them in a raid on the cult’s island stronghold.

Dietrich Smith’s art gives us a lot of action and movement, especially when they get to the island. I love when Vampirella actually gets to show off her strength – she is a a vampire, for crying out loud – and we get to see that here as she morphs and strikes with vampiric ferocity. Dracula and Eva get their licks in, too, and the ending is sure to leave you scratching your head – and wondering where the fallout from this will show up.

There’s also a possible subplot with a father and daughter in Ukraine that makes me wonder. It seems like they’re just extras in the story at first, but again, I wonder – are we going to see these two again, and in what capacity? It’s an interesting possibility.

The cover is by Joe Jusko, and looks amazing, doesn’t it? It’s old-school Vampirella, and Joe Jusko – a pretty perfect combination.

The book hits stores tomorrow, so pick up a copy when you pick up your weekly books. In the meantime, check out a sneak peek at the issue, below. I give this one a 4/5.




















Writer: Shannon Eric Denton
Artist: Dietrich Smith
Cover: Joe Jusko
Price: $4.99
Publisher: Dynamite
Pub Date: Oct. 23, 2013
UPC: 725130208712 00111
Diamond ID: AUG131212



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